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Network Administration Services

Maintaining your network infrastructure and addressing operational IT needs requires experienced network engineers who are familiar with your environment and your business. MS global inc. Network Administration service provides both a primary and a secondary network administrator for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Backed by our experienced team of engineers, you will never find yourself without knowledgeable support.

  • Scalable systems administration services to meet your technical and financial requirements
  • Regularly scheduled technical engagements to improve network efficiencies
  • Structured, proactive approach to network management
  • Consistent onsite network administration
  • Regular remote and onsite support

MS global inc. service offers your business:

A key benefit of our network administration service is our proprietary Network Admin Checklist that has been built and continually improved over the last 12+ years. This list ensures that all the critical parameters of your environment are reviewed monthly and any issues found are either addressed or escalated for resolution. The outcome is the consistent performance and stability of your network and technological foresight to avoid expensive downtime.

Business Technology

With Network Administration from MS global inc., you can free up your internal IT resources to focus on core application support and other business technology needs.


Choosing an outsourced IT provider gives you access to the most thoroughly trained and certified IT professionals, without having to take on the cost of a full-time staff. You pay for only what you need and free up your in-house resources for the activities that make you money.

  • 24-hour monitoring of your servers and network (attending to your connectivity, event log monitoring, disk space or memory)
  • Routine maintenance of desktops and servers including security patch management and update, temporary file deletion, and disk defragmentation
  • Daily backup monitoring and/or cloud management

We consider leveraging the power of market priorities and new technologies and processes to establish a scalable, secure, flexible and cost effective infrastructure.

We help you drive a high performance on all levels of your

IT Infrastructure Strategy

Assessment of your current environment and identifying bottlenecks, single points of failure and other lacunae in the environment, identifying potential serious risks in need of immediate mitigation and propose a roadmap that is flexible enough to meet your business objectives.

Technology Infrastructure Transformation

Focus on initiatives that bring visible changes to efficiencies of core business processes, and drive transformation initiatives for IT resources, including data center facilities, network architectures, server management and migrations, storage enlargements, disaster recovery, backup and end user computing in on-premises, off-premises or cloud based platforms.

Infrastructure Health Check and Improvement

Analyze the organization's infrastructure utilization, and check security, risk, and regulation benchmarks. Verify existing health checks processes and tweaks them to be more efficient. Perform a dipstick assessment of the core operational environment and suggest modifications to existing processes or create new processes for enhancing the efficiency of the day to day operations.

Our infrastructure strategy services offering provides both short and long term T&M based inputs into your IT strategy decisions, including cloud strategy, datacenter/network architecture strategy, disaster recovery planning and incident management strategies, among other portfolio of infrastructure strategies.

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