IT Infrastructure Services
IT Infrastructure Services


We can help you craft a digital business strategy linked to your current and growing demands on IT infrastructure delivery and performance to support efficiency gains in IT operations and cost savings on your IT investment.

MS global inc. @ IT infrastructure strategy services are uniquely positioned to help you build a strategic plan to incorporate emerging technologies and next-generation infrastructure capabilities aligned to your business priorities. We have proven experience in delivering successful strategies for technology enablement and digital transformation for improving agility, sustainability, security controls and enterprise resilience.

Our strategists can work with your teams to identify and analyze your current IT infrastructure environment and provide a road-map for the implementation of adaptable and agile infrastructure, while ensuring a seamless integration and strategic extension experience in building interdependencies with existing or other business system on any platform that you want.

IT Cost Optimization

We help you design, build, implement and manage IT infrastructure strategy to discover potential cost savings areas to realize cost reduction benefits and new revenue opportunities. We make sure to track the costs at each level of infrastructure optimization so as to bring an affordable and right delivery model based on your business choice, without compromising performance levels and quality of the entire infrastructure.

Go-forward Roadmap

we adopt a holistic approach to assess, analyze and understand your current data, network and infrastructure architecture and build a business development strategy to improve IT efficiency. And we assist you to execute the roadmap that can seamlessly integrate all your IT infrastructure environments, within your budget.

Flexible Choices

We offer all of our technology delivery models available to accelerate the business transformation that can best fit for your purpose. Our entire range of services has the expertise across heterogeneous platforms, technologies and industries, from data centers to back-office systems, virtualized infrastructure to cloud services, and health care to financial.


It refers to all the applications used by the enterprise both for internal purposes and to provide its services to customers. Software includes web servers, Enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), productivity applications and the operating system (OS).

We consider leveraging the power of market priorities and new technologies and processes to establish a scalable, secure, flexible and cost effective infrastructure.

We help you drive a high performance on all levels of your

IT Infrastructure Strategy

Assessment of your current environment and identifying bottlenecks, single points of failure and other lacunae in the environment, identifying potential serious risks in need of immediate mitigation and propose a roadmap that is flexible enough to meet your business objectives.

Technology Infrastructure Transformation

Focus on initiatives that bring visible changes to efficiencies of core business processes, and drive transformation initiatives for IT resources, including data center facilities, network architectures, server management and migrations, storage enlargements, disaster recovery, backup and end user computing in on-premises, off-premises or cloud based platforms.

Infrastructure Health Check and Improvement

Analyze the organization's infrastructure utilization, and check security, risk, and regulation benchmarks. Verify existing health checks processes and tweaks them to be more efficient. Perform a dipstick assessment of the core operational environment and suggest modifications to existing processes or create new processes for enhancing the efficiency of the day to day operations.

Our infrastructure strategy services offering provides both short and long term T&M based inputs into your IT strategy decisions, including cloud strategy, datacenter/network architecture strategy, disaster recovery planning and incident management strategies, among other portfolio of infrastructure strategies.

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